Happy 4th of July from Havenwood Farm!  To celebrate, we are offering a few sampler packs.  Each pack gives you a taste of our farm, and offers significant cost savings.  All pork comes from heritage breed Large Black Hogs, born and raised outdoors at Havenwood Farm.  All animals are fed non-gmo rations, and none of the spices used in any of our processed or smoked meats contain MSG.

To order, visit our store page here. 

Havenwood Farm Breakfast Sampler – $30 (Retail $34)

1 package Bacon (approx 1lb/pkg)

1 package Sausage Patties (12 patties/pkg)

1 package Bulk Sausage (approx 1lb/pkg)

1 Jam

1 dozen eggs


Havenwood Farm Sampler A – $55 (Retail $62)

2 packages Bacon (approx 1lb/pkg)

2 packages Pork Chops (2 chops/pkg)

1 Bulk Sausage (approx 1lb/pkg)

1 Sausage Patties (approx 12 patties/pkg)

1 package Spare Ribs


Havenwood Farm Sampler B – $135 (Retail $152)

3 packages Bacon (approx 1lb/pkg)

2 Pork Steaks (1 steak/pkg)

2 packages Breakfast Patties (12 patties/pkg)

5 packages Loin Chops (2 chops/pkg)

3 packages Bulk Breakfast Sausage (approx 1lb/pkg)

1 Shoulder Roast


Deliveries will be made on Thursday, Jun 30th, or farm pickup is available on Friday, July 1st.  Market pickup is available in Geneva only, on Saturday, July 2nd.

To order, visit our store page here.