When we purchased our forever farm in summer of 2014, it was like starting all over again.  The new land, new barns, etc. forced us to revisit our plans for pastured meat, and summer of 2015 sees this initial expansion take shape.

As of summer 2016, we are offering a small selection of pork for sale on our farm, and at two area Farmers Makrets (Geneva, Warren.)  Our winter-spring hogs were raised outdoors and fed a non-gmo, locally-produced grain ration.  All Havenwood Hogs are purebred Large Black Hogs, and are well-suited to life outdoors.  Their meat is well-marbled and far from the white meat you see at the grocery store.    For additional information, please call at 440.261.5112.

We will also have pastured chickens available for purchase this fall, and possibly turkeys.  Our list for pastured chicken is open now.  Click here to send us your information and we will notify you when chickens are available.

A limited supply of Havenwood Farms eggs are available, and we have partnered with a nearby farm, Phillips Egg Company, to meet area demand.

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